Well a new development has happened today.

For the first time in five years I have started my periods again. I’m on the mini pill and when I first started taking it my periods stopped straight away. I was fine with this, it worked for me. Taking the pill at the same time everyday became the routine and the plus sides of no breaks made it easier to remember.

Yes the added bonus of now bleeding and no interruptions for sex was brilliant and I’ve been happy with that for the last five years.

Well I think this has sadly come to an end of which I am very unhappy with. It’s just not the normal for me. I was a bit concerned but the doctor assured me that this apparently can happen even if it’s been so many years.

I can honestly say that I forgot how bad they can be. The emotional roller-coaster and the cravings for food and attention. Oh god the cramps are the worst.

At the moment they have told me that they can stop and start a lot in the next week or so. How do you other guys cope? is there anything I can take or I can do to help the cramps. A hot water bottle is not doing the trick.

Meh! pass me the chocolate!


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