Volcanic Eruptions

What do you do when the atmosphere at home feels like a simmering volcano which will erupt at any given time?

Me, myself, am hiding it out until the sun comes back out. Being stuck at home at the age of 26 desperately saving every once of money I can spare is hard enough. Being stuck in the middle of your mother and sister having a fight is even worse.

That said how do you react when you agree with everything your sister has to say. That I think my mother has been irresponsible and I agree that priorities have been messed up. I think my sister have every right to say what she did. We both live here and we both pay rent, we have a right to know what goes on under the room we pay for.

Again how do you say that to your mother who could easily kick you out if she wanted to. Not that she would my mother is not like that, but right now she is angrier than hell and i’m a little scared.

I feel bad that my sister has taken the heat for all this. As I walked downstairs I see them walk past each other and not say a word, just the dark stare as they walk past one another. That’s cold in my book. I also think it is ridiculous.

I am a believer that if your having a fight with someone you love, with a fight as bad as this one then it must be resolved before you sleep. DO NOT sleep on an argument. Things just go around and around in my head, which not only makes me feel even worst, it makes me even angrier because always wish I said things differently.

I also believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion and deserves to know the truth at all times. Yes sometime this can be harsh on others but better to be honest than to be called a liar. Am I right?

Don’t get me wrong, a white lie here and then to cover a few things I can forgive but not outright lies.

Anyway, i got sidetracked there.

So, they are not speaking and it felt quite intense down there.

I made small talk with my mother as much as possible but when I tired to push onto the fight I got shut down. I made my way to my current position of bed but stopped on the stairs.

I told her that for them not to be speak over this is pretty silly and that maybe she should talk to my sister. The reply I got, in what can only be described as through gritted teeth was, I am too angry to speak to anyone right now! I am fuming and I think it’s a conversation worth forgetting don’t you?!

What the hell do you say to that?

I just looked at her and said that i agreed with what was said and I’m sorry if that upsets you. If it was me I would have done things differently to you. It was irresponsible and it is not the first time either.

And that was that.

It’s a really difficult place to be stuck in. I think it needs to be pushed so my mother can see how stupid she has been. It’s a dangerous game she played and its not right. We deserve to know what shit is going on around us considering it’s our home too!

We pay rent therefore we have rights. I hope things settle down by tomorrow but it doesn’t look likely. They are both stubborn whereas I am the marshmallow in the middle who cries over everything and anything. I mean I even cry when I am angry, which is a lot so for me to be so docile about this is new to me.

Maybe it’s because it’s my mother and there is an unwritten law that you must always show respect to someone who is older than you, more so if it is your mum.

Ugh! wish my Nan was still about. She would have sorted everything by now.

Anyway that’s all I got for now.




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